Claim the money if you have a prepaid card paypal

The regulator warned accounting irregularities that prevented know the financial position of the entity and also imposed a fine of three hundred euros for a very serious offense consisting of administrative, accounting and internal control deficiencies and a penalty of public reprimand for not achieving the precise own resources to operate as electronic money institution.

This has left in limbo for over a hundred thousand users Paypal prepaid cards, which have seen their money locked. While in a published statement, Paypal Spain explains that they are “aware that YUM has already begun to make money returns affected users” and also notes that YUM website are detailed every step to achieve it. However, it is not detailed exactly how soon they will take back the withheld money on your card.

Ileana Izverniceanu spokeswoman States Users Organisation (OCU), repeated that “the result of this measure is that the card is in-operative and the balance of the prepaid card paypal happens to be retained and therefore can not be used. ”

How to sue

G. explains the steps to claim the money. First, follow the protocol established by Younique Money. “That is, they must complete a document that can be downloaded from and attach proof (for instance, an extract or a receipt) in which the card user appears as the owner of the bank account where you want to receive the money that had accumulated “he qualifies.

‘However, OCU studies the different measures to take, just in case it does not generate the return quickly, “confirms Izverniceanu.